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At Supreme, we know that safety is not just a word, but a commitment to pride in our work.  That is why we have two safety professionals on staff. Our Safety Consultant, Jimmy Holland, has over 40 years of combined professional safety and health experience in the following areas; Government (OSHA Program Manager), Manufacturing, Construction, Trades, Oil & Gas, Financial, Service, and Retail. His credentials extend to having his Certified Safety Professional, Occupational Health and Safety Technologist, Field Safety Representatives, and Professional Safety Source for Extra Hazardous Employers.  

Safety is everyone’s responsibility and all team members are expected to ensure a safe working environment.  Initial Safety Training for all team members covers three major areas: Hazard Communication, Fire Safety, and General Health and Safety Training. Training is conducted on an on-going basis. Training dates and subjects are properly documented.

  • Hazard Communication Training includes an introduction to SDS, personal protection requirements, exposure procedures, and first aid. 
  • Fire Safety includes the review of a facility’s fire plan, location of fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and emergency exits. 
  • General Health and Safety Training includes proper lifting techniques, safe housekeeping, equipment safety, the effects of substance abuse, and the procedures for reporting accidents, injuries or unsafe working conditions.

Additional training sessions are conducted as new chemicals are introduced; the working environment changes, or safety hazards and/or concerns are identified and addressed.

The Project Manager performs routine job analysis to identify hazards and implement appropriate corrective measures.  Team members are encouraged to identify and resolve safety hazards.