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Supreme Commercial Specialties recruitment, screening and selection procedures are designed to determine the most qualified applicant for the available position, without regard to race, sex, color, religion, national origin, age, or disability.  Whenever possible, we promote from within the company to insure that our management and supervisory team have the same strong customer- satisfaction goals and are completely familiar with company policies and procedures. 

Individuals seeking positions with Supreme Commercial Specialties, Must fill out an application, providing job history, education, and personal and professional references.  Upon completion of the employment application, consent to release information is signed from the applicant.  As a standard practice a background check is conducted verifying identification of social security number, criminal county search, and / or driver’s license verification and records.  Successful applicants will be required to complete all other hiring documents, including W-4, State Withholding (were applicable) I-9, Company Drug Abuse Policy, and Safety Rules and Regulations before being allowed to begin work.

During the interview process, the applicant is given a copy of the job description or is given a verbal description of the requirements of the job. The days and hours of the shift will be clarified. The applicant will be advised the he / she will be subject to random drug testing.

We anticipate no undue difficulties in recruiting a skilled and capable staff. By beginning recruitment early, full staffing will be completed by start of contract.  If any positions are not filled the manpower resources of SCS will be logistically moved to provide fully qualified personnel.

​​Training Program

Supreme is committed to providing consistent and high level training  to improve the safety, quality of work, and overall continuous improvement of our people. 

Training starts with team member orientation and continues throughout employment.  Structured classes are conducted on an on-going basis at all locations; attendance is mandatory.  The company training program is the responsibility of Senior Management.

In addition, vendor partners present technical and product presentations to cleaners, supervisors, managers, and sales staff.  Partners include Johnson Diversey, Butchers, Advance, Alto, Verona Marble and many more.  Guest speakers conduct classes for MSDS, 10 hour OSHA Certification, IICRC Carpet Certification, safety, accident prevention, I-9 documentation, health, security, and chemical handling.

Sample topics of our Training Program include: 

Preventing Accidents -  Blood Borne Pathogens - Your Back

Preventing Slips and Falls - First Aid - Emergency Procedures

Electrical Hazards - Sexual Harassment - Security Procedures

Cords and Cables - Fire Safety - Recycling Practices

Health and Security - Hazard Communication - Lighting Guidelines

Drug Abuse - OSHA and MSDS - Tenant Information - Access Procedures

8 Steps to Safe Lifting - Asbestos Awareness - Public Relations

Ladder Safety - Lock-Up Procedures - Building Key Policy